Everything About Recharge And Get Paid Business (Read Till End

Everything About Recharge Card And Other Get Paid Business (Read Till End)

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All About Recharge card And Get Paid Business (Read Till End)

Recharge And Get Paid is the latest VTU business in Nigeria with this platform you can earn more than 200,000 stable monthly income.

We choose to move a little bit to our Nigeria Money Making Crew

This is a great opportunity to join the crew and start making money with us from Nigeria.

Though we said you can make more than 200,000 monthly and stable but it all depends on you

You cannot just think you can just start earning without doing nothing


For you to earn or make it in life then you need to work

Though less work and awesome result.

This is oprtunity to start VTU business in Nigeria with just 5,000.

And you earn whatever you want

You know bill payment and recharge card are essential product that we must buy everyday

This is a great opprtunity that will make you start earning stable income monthly

The best part is …

It is autopilot

It is just one time work and you keep earning stable income monthly even without doing anything letter.

The great news is they build the platform in form of you grow i grow

This is why people are asking for recharge and get paid referral id

because you have to use a referral id to sign up so you can get withdrawable bonus upon registring

Anyways why registring use ‘MoneyMakingCrew’ has referral ID.

This is not only the purpose of this review because

It is not a must for you to refer before you earn.

All About Recharge And Get Paid Business (Read Till End

In this review you will learn  :

Ways To Make Money On with the program and how it works
Bonus From Money Making Crew
Best Mobile App To install for Easy use
Referral ID ‘moneymakingcrew’ for easy success tracking
Download pdf format
Direct link to theregistration form
whatsapp group to help you
Best Way to make At least 300k Monthlty

Recharge And Get Paid

Recharge and get paid shorten has RAGP is a registered vtu telecomunication company in Nigeria with trade name Recharge And Get Paid Limited.

Recharge And Get Paid

They inovation was introduce because of the vast unemplyment in the country

And they observe even if you dont have money to eat you will buy airtime

because that can bring more than food on your table

They introduce this inovation so average nigeria can start there business with has low has 5,000 and earn more than 200k

Ask yourself this question before moving to how it works

Do you recharge your phone with Data/Airtime?

Do you wish to start a VTU business and earn stable income monthly?

Do you want to build very flexible side income that can even pay you more than your main income?

Can you afford has low has 5,000 to start your own business and be your own boss?

If all or any of this question is/are yes then this guide is for you

Then let move to how it works.

Recharge And Get Paid

Ways To Make Money On RAGP and how it works

Make money instant when you register

Make money using the services Airtime(ALL NETWORKS) , Data(ALL NETWORKS) ,Cable Tv Subscription(DSTV,GOTV,STERTIME), Pay all Electricity bills. This is Main earning.

Referal and Downline bonus (Lifetime earning when you refer and anybody you refer use the platform or also invite others you will earn comission) This can make you stable monthly income without doing anything later and you dont need to start moving street by street advertising.

Other benefits and reward like Cars, Trip to Dubai, House Fund.. all good but our main aim is to start business and making stable money monthly

Make Money Instant When You Register

First before you register you must register under someone.

Because in RAGP everybody earn once any new member registered

And use the platform.

But you dont need to be finding someone you will register before you make your money.

Just read this till the end

It is a business not referring prrogram na! (This is just addisional)

While registering use MoneyMakingCrew has your referal id to register under us so we can track your archivement and make you grow fast.

Just contact our Nigeria team Leader on RAGP Tunde at 07065520338 or 08098534115 to join

Call, message or whatsapp anyone

Tell him you are one of Moneymakingcrew.


Just visit rechargeandgetpaid.com

Just click Join

From screenshot above fill details

> Referral Id = moneymakingcrew

> Input your personal info like first name, last name, email and phone number

> Input the login details you want like your username and passward.

Note incase you want to refer people later

Your username you use to create the account above is automatically your referal ID. (So use something nice, short and easy to remember).

Then hit next to proceed to payment.

Pacckages registration On RAGP

very simple from screenshot above

Choose the package you want (basic is 5,000 and its okay)

Choose payment method

You can pay via paystack with your ATM card details or bank details (If you find it convinent linking yor bank details or ATM)

But if not choose the other option in the drop down which is Ewallet

For this you can contact MoneyMakingCrew Team leader to pay for you

Tunde 07065520338 no extral charge its free and in just 3 min done.

This one no need linking anythin bank details or ATM.

Tunde is so socialable and lovely someone he will take every single question from you.

After that just click next then the next screenshot comes up saying

‘registration completed you can now login with username and password’


And if any isue no panic its simple just contact Tunde 07065520338.

That is why we emplore you to use our referal id while registring

So, that we will be able to help you if you encounter any issue.

Since you register under us and we are a great partner with RAGP

We can fix anything for you if you are under us.

Call, message or whatsapp anyone and tell him you are one of Moneymakingcrew.

Anybody reading our articles is already in the crew.

Upon registration you get 20% back of your registration fee in your account.

What people dont know is

This money is for you to start the business or check it out to know how it works.

Some will register and get the 20% then use it anyhow

I strongle recommend funding your wallet with little money maybe 2,000 or 3,000 addition to the 20% for registration.

This will be your main capital to start the business fully

This is the real business person mindset

Only, If you are a good marketer you can easyly refer someone and wtih your referral bonus you can use it to start the business.


As shown above

There are 7 packages dont worry just start with 5,000 to try it out later you can upgrade it.

Basically the higher the packages you are the more the persentage or compesation percentage you get using the platform.

But you start with small and upgrade it later.

But any package you are will earn big time more than salary earner self.

It all depends on you taking it has job not anyhow and following our strategy also going to be discuss here

For examply if you register has basic member which is 5,000

You get 1,000 to do business.

If you are smart you add like 2,000 and start business (You can contact Tunde anytime).

Depend on your stretegy and customers you get you can be loading more money.

Lol! you self you are your own customer, your mum, dad, at work , environment so easy.

Dont worry we will give you simple advertisment stretegy.

Since we are through with registration aspect let move to the product in the platform

Make money using the Services on RAGP

NOTE: All these are irrespective of your plan or package..

This is the main thing or real deal…

How you will be making the money.

Let me list them out as follows:

When you sell airtime or you recharge your phone you get 2%

When you buy or sell data you get 10%

When you pay bills you get 40 Naira

When you pay TV Subscribtions you get 40 Naira

Educational services like JAMB, WAEC and NECO coming soon.

That is all what the programm offer has service for now

But the next way to make money on RAGP will blow your mind…

Make Money With your Referral id = moneymakingcrew

First of all before you register at all

You must use a referral id moneymakingcrew can be use has your referral id

Note: After successful registration use your username has referal ID while registring others under you.

And you can add them to the whatsapp group i will disclosed b

Name (required)
Email (required)

y the end of this article.

This referral method is super awesome.

Its called it 10X

Which means you get paid till your 10th generation

Even if you are not working or doing the business again later

You still get paid

Unlike, making money with the main service

Here commission is deffrient from deffrient packages and level

When you refer someone you get 20% streight bonus 1st referral level

When the person you refer abover refer someone you still get another 10% 2nd referral level

Note end o!

3rd level referral level you get 5%

4th referral level you get 2.5%

5th referral level you get 1.25%

6th to 10th referral level you still get 1%

This is the power of 10X

but wait what if you refer 10 people and this 10 people pass through that 10X referal levels above?


lol! as if it ends there…

You still earn from every single downline you get

That means you earn when every single person on your 10x make any transaction or payment.

This still base on packages

On every Airtime recharged or sell from anybody from your downline you get 0.35%

Once they buy Data you get 1%

And you get 10 Naira for ever bill and cable subscription transaction they make.

Other Benefits On GAGP

2 Million on recharge and get paid

RAGP is a super dope platform that reward members appropriately

Note: PV here means Point Value and it increases whenever you or any of your downline makes transaction anytime.

With RAGP if you earn 10,000 PV monthly you qualify to get 100,000 naira monthly for free

When you get or accumulate 25k PV

You qualify trip to Dubai worth N 500k

When you accumulat 60k PV you qulify for car worth 2M

You qualify for your first house fund when you hit 100k PV worth 3 Million

You qualify for second house fund when you hit 250k PV worth 4 Million

You also qualify for the third fund when you hit 500k PV worth 6 Million.

car award on recharge and get paid

Top 5 Things to take note on the dashbord (Starter just registered)

recharge and get paid dashboard

Total funds receive: These are fund transfer through partner/partner or e-wallet/e-wallet

Commissioned earned: It is the total commission or vtu bonuses you have earn since you joing RAGP

Total account balance: This is the total commissioned earned that is yet to be transfered to your bank. Also wallet fund through company are also added here

Withdraw amount is the regular amount you have withdraw to your banks account.

Transfer/Withdraw tab

Transfer Fund : This is the place you transfer fund from your account to another persons account maybe for selling purpose or for any reason whatsoever

Withdraw fund: This is where you withdraw your money to your bank account with the e-wallet. Very simple.

screenshot of achievement on RAGPrecharge and get paid compesation

Above are those once that have quickly take quick decision some years ago since it is autopilot.

You will continue earning.

Procrastination kills a lot more than physical dealth

I do tell my student even if it just for the sake of making money doing the normal VTU recharge business while not start with just 5,000



With 5,000 naira basic registration you get 1,000 naira plus 20PV and you earn PV and bonuses till 5th generation

With 10,000 naira bronze plan you earn 2,000 naira instant bonus with 40PV and earn bonuses till 6th generation

With 20,000 naira silver plan you get 4,000 naira instant bonus and 80PV also earn bonuses and PV till 7th generation.

The Gold plan of 30k gives you 6,000 naira instant bonus with 120PV and also earn bonuses till 8th generation

Also the Diamond plan is 40,000 naira and with that you earn 8,000 instant bonus with 160PV and you receive PV and bonuses till 9th generations

Platinum plan is 50,000 naira and you still earn 10,000 naira instant with 200 PV also earn bonuses and PV till 10th generation

And finally the executive platinum plan is 100,000 naira and you will get 20,000 naira bonus plus 400PV and with this you earn bonuses and PV till 10th generation.


But one thing we know is nobody start building house from top

That means everybody start from beginnig.

That is why it is upgradable and anybody that makes it to the top receive the accolades

Something you are just trying out and you will want to put 100,000 naira for it lol

That sound more than funny.

So, with just 5,000 you will make it to the top while doing your VTU business.

Note also that Point Value is a tracker that show you your improvement

Also, show you your value in the RAGP VTU business.

Bonus From Money Making Crew

We cannot just leave you with full infomation like that and still did not reveal the researches we made for you for free.

RAGP app

The RAGP website is so full and consuming not like bank apps or other app

Thats why most even buy airtime from bank app

Lot of RAGP member have been looking for best app that can do thats job

In lesss than a minute you can just buy or sell airtime/ data/bills on your smarthphone app

There are varius apps on the playstore some awesome but most very bad

Because the RAGP is getting popular so app developers just building app on it name

But let me just give you the best app for now

Click the link here if you are IOS user you start installing it directly

Note the app is so similar so just use the link or test run.

Download Recharge and get paid apk

Lot of people or to be member registring always want to have referral becasue they must be under someone

So has we have mentioned severally in this article

Use MONEYMAKINGCREW has your referral id while registring

RAGP pdf format

Yap , you may want to introduce someone to the bussiness

And you just want to send a compressive writup or article for the person

So we have make this writup a pdf formart that is ready to download for free here.

Download RAGP PDF

RAGP direct registration form

Most of us dont have time for reading too much

But, just want to register and start doing business

Without going to there home page

click here to jump to the registration page of the official website

Register on RAGP

Recharge and Get Paid Whatsapp Group

And it is quit unfair if after registring under us we left you alone

We have build a success tracking whatsapp group

Here we attend to questions and we gve clues on how to improve

Click To Join The Money Making Crew RAGP Whatsapp group here

Best Way to make At least 300k Monthlty

Yes we have talked a lot about the RAGP company

But, but we need to let you knwo some things

Let us hint you something

Did you know anytime you buy airtime from you banks

Your banks get 5 naira comission

Lol and that does not stop them from charging you for SMS at the end of the month

Banks makes million just by partnering with telecom companies.

That is why they keep telling you to recharge through there app or codes

OOO! Now you know why they advertise that.

RAGP will share the 5 Naira with you

They give you 2 Naira

And they give the 3 Naira to your uplines has a compesation

Let me tell you

You will be earning more than the road vendors

Because, internet is the global village and those vendors are restricted to the street they put there umbrella.

This is the reson i gave you the app above

In your working place let them know you sell cards and do all those stuff or services on RAGP.

At home let them know

In school let them know

Among your friends let them know…

And whenever any of them want to know about the business do not hesitate to take your time to put the person through.

Somebody ask me can i have a stand for this ?

I said typicall yes!

Just costomize it has pure VTU dealer shop simple!

Once your service and price is good or normal with good service you win.

Every focus is on oil and gass but cleaver people are making it quiently on telecom

Oil and gass is still physical water but telecome is air.

Its air money

Telecom company just use your money for mantenance and enjoyment

Nothing else

Not that has you are calling or subscribing something is deducting lol!

lol no! they are just typing the amount.

Come and enjoy the money with them

Most still ignore this and still buy airtime from banks and vendors

Anyways whether you like it or not we are making it with your money.

Imagine getting paid for usinf airtime and data!

No, you dont get it

When you joing this business you will sart enjoing airtime and data

Because, i have license and working with VTU telcom company


You have great oApportunity now if you start now and start fast

Because Nigeria is still far from technology

So bring more people under you now

So your generation can always smile to the bank

And start using airtime and data anyhow.

Dont allow people keep earning from the recharge card you are buying.

It is not just for today but also for tomorrow.

Use 5,000 naira to unluck it.

And it will be the best 5,000 every spent.

Register here rechargeandgetpaid.com and use the referral code moneymakingcrew .

See you in the comment section.

Remember be useful… to stay relevant….

If it is not making money… It is not making sense…

Best Glo Tariff Plan for Data (2020) Best Glo Tariff Plan For Call’ s

January 20, 2020 Sir ~Yormight 0

Best Glo Tariff Plan for Data 2020 Best Glo Tariff Plan For Call, Best Glo Data package for 2020.

Best Glo Tariff Plan for Data 2020
Best Daily Tariff Plan for Data

N25/1 day

Get 12.5MB upon renewal

Or do any of the below: 👇

SMS 32 to 127
Dial *127*32#
N50/1 day

Get 27.5MB upon renewal

Or do any of the below:

SMS 14 to 127
Dial *127*14#

Daily Data Splash For Glo👇

N300/1 day
To buy:
Dial *777#
N500/2 days

To buy:👇
Dial *777#
Multi-Daily Plans For Glo Data Plan👇
N100/2 days

Get 92MB upon renewal
Or do any of the below:
SMS 51 to 127
Dial *127*51#
N200/4 days
Get 242MB upon renewal
Or do any of the below:
SMS 56 to 127
Dial *127*56#
All plans are auto-renewable, to buy one-time plans, dial *433#
Best Glo Tariff Plan for Data (2020) Best Glo Tariff Plan For Call
Best Glo Tariff Plan for Call 2020
What is Glo 11k/sec plan?

It is a price plan which allows customers call customers on Glo network at 11k/s and 15k/s customers on other networks in Nigeria and 14 international destinations at 20k/s after deduction of N5 daily access fee. You’ll get 10 minutes of free browsing monthly

2. Who can avail of the Glo 11k/sec plan Package?

All new and existing prepaid customers who migrate by dialing *211#

3. How can I enjoy Glo 11k/s plan?

Simply dial *211# and you are migrated to Glo 11k per sec plan where you enjoy 11k/s to Glo customers, 15k/s to other networks in Nigeria and 20k/s to select int’l destinations.

4. How much do I pay for calls on this plan?

➢ Onnet call rate:11k/s

➢ Offnet call rate:15k/s

➢ IDD to 14 countries: 20k/s

5. What is the SMS rate for Glo 11k/sec plan?

➢ On-net SMS: N4/SMS

➢ Off-net SMS: N4/SMS

➢ International: N10/SMS

6. Is there a rental fee on Glo 11k/sec plan?

Yes. N5 daily rental fee is paid

7. Which international destinations can be called at 20k/s?

The 14 international destinations are: Canada, China,Denmark, India, Isreal, Mongolia, Mexico, Norway, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, UK fixed and USA

8. How do I get discount on International calls?

Once you successfully migrate to Glo 11k/sec plan, all subsequent calls to the 14 int’l destinations will be at 20k/s throughout the day upon deduction of N5 daily access fee. Calls to other international destinations are charged at the respective rates to those destinations.

9. Do I get free data on the Glo 11k/s plan?

Yes. You’ll get 10 minutes of free browsing monthly

10. What do I need to do to get the free data

You need to be on the Glo 11k/s plan and be using your line monthly so you can get the free data for use in the following month.

11. When do I get credited with the free data?

You get credited 30 days after you have successfully opted into the Glo 11k/s plan. This cycle will continue monthly for as long as you are on the plan.

12. What is the validity of the free data?

The free data is valid for 7 days.

13. What happens to services and promotions of existing package before migrating to Glo 11k/sec plan?

All the features, services and promotions of the existing package before migration into Glo 11k/sec plan would stop upon successful migration while the features and services on the Glo 11k/sec plan package would apply immediately.

14. What happens when the daily fee of N5 is not paid?

When daily access fee is not paid, local calls are made at 20k/s while international calls are at the default rate

15. Can existing customers opt for the new 11k/sec plan?

Yes. Existing customers can opt for the plan by dialing *211#

16. Will new activations enjoy this tariff and benefits by default?

No. New, as well as existing customers will have to dial the USSD opt in code *211# to enjoy Glo 11k/sec plan benefits.

17. How do I opt out of Glo 11k/sec plan?

Dial the migration code of the profile you desire.

18. What happens if I don’t use my line in a day?

The N5 daily access fee will still be deducted.

19. Is Glo 11k/sec plan a promotional offer?

No it isn’t

20. Where else can I get information on this product?

dealer outlets and retailers or dial 124 for information